Bebo Nigeria was built with High-Grade security features. We also work with a Swedish advisor team who help in providing wide ranging consultancy services for farming activities.


We have great support services in collaboration with the Swedish team who are helping Nigeria farmers to increase productivity and efficiency in farming; with the use of top-notch technology in farming activities.


Bebo Nigeria is an agricultural platform that deals with the production and sales of Poultry and Fresh Fish. It is an open agricultural platform for investment for people who are interested in poultry and Fresh Fish farming but are are not available or don't have the technical know-how of the business. Bebo Nigeria provide an Open farm where farmers can pitch their farm for potential investors and customer to leverage and increase production.We work with local farmers to boost production from subsistence to large scale and provide jobs.


At Bebo Nigeria, the values we hold are vital to the successful running of the farm. Our values are held in our heart which we work with daily. Our strength are in the attitude and commitment of our people to work and excellence. At Bebo Nigeria, we create an atmosphere that challenges people to be creative, work hard, challenges our people to learn on the job, keep learning, and be innovative in their approach to farming.

Our Products

Bebo Nigeria is into poultry farming and raising high quality commercially viable fish.


We proud ourselves with an excellent team with the help of our Swedish advisor group that help poor farmers across the world including Nigeria, to increase food production and security.This team has the drive for excellence, result oriented, creativity, efficiency, Research and Innovation.


At Bebo Nigeria, we aim to become the largest crowd farming platform in West Africa in the next 5 years.


To make farming easy, integrate farmers, increase food security and create wealth in West Africa.

Why Customers Love Us?

At Bebo Nigeria, the interest of our customers is our priority, they serve as the cornerstone of our company and we take utmost care of their concerns. At Bebo Nigeria, we have created a 247 customer care response team with a direct link to the management, this has encouraged efficiency and created trust between the customer and the team. With our customers we work together for the greatness of Bebo Nigeria

Meet The Team

Creative, Energetic, Young, Vibrant and industrious individuals who have come together to reshape farming in Nigeria.
Opeyemi Owolabi
Team lead/Strategist
Musa Yushua Hosea
Operation Officer/Marketing
Technical Officer
Project Assistant
Bebo Farm

What We Can Do

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Anually Growth
Happy Customers