Bebo Nigeria Opens

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 31 Oct 2019 268 Views

"It’s a significant contribution we are trying to make in the Agric sector in Nigeria; most especially in the production of fisheries and poultry production, Nigeria has enormous potential in terms of fish production which have not been fully utilized over the years which we are willing due to the drive of the present administration to diversify the economy" explains Opeyemi Owolabi, CEO of Bebo Aquafarm Branch


Unemployment rate has risen drastically in the country, according to Trading Economics the unemployment rate as at 3rd quarter of 2018 has increased to 23.10, with population of 195.87million and 36.50 youth unemployment rate; Quartz Africa state that 86.9 million Nigerians now live in extreme poverty which represents 50% of its people, Nigeria percentage of population in extreme poverty is put at 46.7%. 70% of Nigeria's population still engages in subsistence farming, which has made them live below the poverty level.


Further, Nigeria is undergoing massive significant development in agriculture and implementing more agricultural policy to fast track and allow investors to come and invest in the farming sector in the country, with the current administration drive to revive agriculture, feed its people and create wealth. The government sees agriculture as the only way which they can use to solve unemployment issues, reduce poverty level and create wealth.


At Bebo Nigeria, we want to key into the drive of the administration to create wealth, provide jobs and boost production and economy. However, there are a lot of problem being faced by local micro-scale farmers; what we want to do at Bebo Nigeria is to provide a system where all micro farmers (Subsistence farmers) who are skilled will be integrated into a single system and also identified; where we can help guide them through the challenges they faced, improve food production, security and affordability; this will create wealth and grow the economy.


Bebo Nigeria will also be engaging in Fish and poultry farming for a start, in an attempt to create wealth for everyone, Bebo Nigeria has designed a crowd farming program where limited corporate and private investors can leverage upon, especially the working-class people who are interested in farming and wants to have an input in agricultural sector but does not have the time or the technical know-how. We have come with a solution where everybody can become a farmer without actively owning or having a farm.


Foreign partners, supported by Bebo holdings, will assist in research and innovation, to ensure quality control and educate local farmers on the best practices to farming, which will boost production and reduce wastage.


Ensuring that we create wealth and provide jobs for our people is what is driving Bebo Nigeria, and we wish that people latch on this opportunity to allow our economy to grow, provide food and create employment. As we continue to progress we will continue to announce more policy and direction which Bebo Nigeria will be taken to uplift local farmers and support their customers.

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