5 Simple Ways to Start-Up Your Micro-Farm

by Hassan Mohammed - 11 Nov 2019 245 Views

Unemployment is rife in the country, and to reduce the unemployment rate, the government have been advancing good agricultural policy to boost food production and self-sufficiency. They have been encouraging the youth to go into various agricultural activities in order to solve the youth unemployment rate, before this administration agriculture is seen by most youth as something mostly reserved for poor aged men and women who lives in the rural areas, however the government have been able to change the perception about agriculture, endears the youth to farming with their good policy by making agriculture very attractive to all.


Many young people have now seen farming as an alternative to unemployment; however there are several questions which agitate the minds of young people who are willing and have the desire to go into farming; “… how can I start my farm…?”


In this article I will present five short ways to start your micro farming; this is the step I took in starting my small farm, which has been growing.


Remember, in life, opportunity don’t knock on walls it knocks on doors; if you surround yourself with a wall, you will never hear or see an opportunity, no matter how little or small the door is, create a door and bring down the wall.


                                 Five ways to start-up your farm


Knowledge: In all things, seek knowledge. In starting your micro-farm, you don’t need to have all the experience but you must have basic training and knowledge about the farming activities you want to engage.


I won’t advocate that you have absolute knowledge on any farm you’re going into, because knowledge is not statics, you learn and evolve as you go through the process. We grow through learning.


Another vital point you should know, if you are very keen to start your farm and you don’t have any knowledge, but you have interest, the best thing to do is to seek for a friend who knows and work together to starting your farm.


Location: Getting the right place to start is very crucial to the success of your farm. Your farm has to be easily accessible for potentials customer or investors and for you too; because locating your farm in an area that you have to trek a long distance to access it might be disastrous for your business. Your farm must be found in a place that has access to electricity and water, it is essential and you have to look out for any chemical plant that might adversely affect your farm; if there is any please do not locate your farm in such environment; you might incur severe losses.


Security: This is key. Securing your farm should be an all-day, all-year activity. As a micro-farmer you might not have enough money to get all the security in place, but one thing you must do is to make sure that your farm has perimeter fence; it must not be an open farm; some thieves are very patience, they will wait and harvest your farm for you. Secure your farm and make sure you have a security guard in place.


Land: Without land, you cannot farm. As a micro-Farmer, you don’t need to have a vast expanse of land for you to start planting. However, some do ask questions on “…how can I acquire land to farm…” The best way is through leasehold. Another meaningful way is to network with your friends who have an empty land he is not using or might likely refer you to someone who might probably lease it for you for free.


Funding: Now, the most essential and well-discussed point. Most people see financing as a hindrance to them ever getting started; they seek for huge funds, and the vast funds will never come until you start.


For you to harvest, you have to plant.


That tiny seed you see is what brings out the vast harvest.


That little fund you have with you, no matter how small, plant it, nurture it, and let it grow and you will have a huge harvest.


That’s the secret. There is no secret sauce anywhere to get a substantial fund to start your farm.


The secret sauce is for you to plant that seed you want to throw away, that seed you think is not enough, will never be enough until you plant it, and let it yield.


It will take time to grow, be patience and nurture it.


In another article, Funding will be discussed in detail.


Remember, Bring down the wall and create doors

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