Starting Your Farm? What You should know

by Seun Bello - 11 Nov 2019 306 Views

You should understand that starting your farm demands a lot of commitment and sacrifice.


Have a clear Mission and Vision: As a small scale farmer you should have a clear Vision; in the next ten years where will my farm be; what will be the state of my farm, will I still be a small scale farmer or large scale farmer, providing Jobs, solving poverty issues and hunger? Answer this question and be halfway ahead.


Do not depend on your farm for paycheck for the next five years: Getting paycheck from your farm immediately is an obsolete idea, you need to understand that for your farm to move forward, potential investors have to see your commitment and zeal towards your business, depending on your business for paycheck will leave your farm to be static, and once its statics, frustration will set in and your farm will die naturally.


Any profit made at the early stage of your farm should be invested back immediately.

Your investment in your farm will surely pay off when a potential investor starts seeing result. When your business is doing well people will start showing interest in your activities.

                       Start Small, Dream Big, and More Cash
who do you hire to work with you: This is very critical for the survival of your farm.

Your team is your asset!

Your team will determine the progress of your activities. Your team is central to the development of your farm.

Do not put profit above your team; seek workers happiness and Joy and they will work endlessly for you; I mean, they will go to any length to make the farm grow and expand.

Never let your team see themselves as different from the company, integrate them, let them understand that their activity is essential for the survival of the company.

For your farm to survive, never think alone, let your team innovate, and be identified with their innovation.

(In another post I will discuss elaborately on Team Importance to the survival of your farm)

Values: Answer the following questions; what values do your company hold as key to its operation? What is your farm work culture? What does your customer see in you, and what do you see in your customers? Do you see them as mere customers?

Take exceptional care of your customers!

Constantly Innovate.

Be ready to work selflessly: Your farm is your future! Your activities determine your net worth, be prepared to suffer now and enjoy tomorrow. Work for success, confront every challenge and be resolute.

Opeyemi Owolabi writes from Kwara state Nigeria

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