Importance of Water to raising Catfish

by Hassan Mohammed - 11 Nov 2019 478 Views

Recently, I came across some young catfish farmers raising questions on how their catfish water is turning green, this has led to some losses on the part of the farmer, some lament their fish are dropping, and their tails are peeling off, their colours are changing, while some ask the reason why their fish are hanging on top of water early in the morning, all this are pertinent question that agitate the minds of some young catfish farmer, who find it challenging to go about the water treatment process.


However, every catfish farmer should understand that water is the natural habitat for fish. Fish cannot survive or be raised outside water. When you want to locate your farm access to water should rank first in your priority, in fact it is crucial that water should not be a problem where ever you want to locate your farm, that is why most experienced catfish farmer often advise young farmers always to locate their farm near river, where they can have easy access to water supply.


Fish can only be fed, raised and treated when sick only in water. Whenever catfish is infected, they can only recover inside water, the type of water they are kept in determines the rate at which they will improve; they must be equally fed inside water. Water quality and management system determine whether your fish will be healthy or sick. A sick fish means severe losses to the farmer, and no one wants to make severe losses, to minimise losses, improve the health of your fish by the type of water you put them inside.


The Growth and development of catfish can only be achieved with clean and freshwater. Young Fish farmer should understand that it is only with clean and freshwater that they can be made accelerated growth and development of their fish, freshwater is vital, that is why experienced fish farmer usually advise any intending fish farmer to locate their farm in an environment where they have easy access to water and also to establish their business near a river where they can have constant water supply. Locating your fish farm in an environment where there is not enough water supply might lead to severe losses on that part of farmer.


It should also be noted that Clean and fresh water prevent diseases and bacteria attacks which leads to higher yield in catfish farming and production. Most farmers suffer from severe losses due to the diseases that infect their fish, and often the fish have stunted growth which does not lead to high yield, clean and fresh water can help in improving your situation.


The Reproduction of catfish offspring is only possible in the water, and catfish cannot reproduce offspring outside water. Water is crucial to the reproduction catfish.


Water is vital in the transportation of catfish from one location to another. Transportation of catfish is impossible without water. Many fish farmers have incurred losses to poor knowledge of transportation of catfish from one place to the other, and it should be noted that no matter the distance, catfish can’t be moved from one location to the other without water. Make use of quality water when moving your catfish.

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