Pricing and marketing your Farm product

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 13 Nov 2019 389 Views

                         Starting Your Farm, how should you Price and Market

Setting prices for your products determine the extent to which your business will survive. The first thing you should do is to know how to set your price, to identify the consumers of your products, map out the area where your product is going to cover, and your market will determine the selling price of your products. Remember, price is the only way that you can use to generate your income and profits.


In setting your price, as a farmer do not be desperate to get the market by lowering your price, you have to factor the cost which you use in producing and marketing your product.


When starting your business and selling your product, do not engage in price war. Focus on doing your business to be a success rather than trying to destroy others.


To market your product, never devalue your product by focussing on reducing prices.


Taking charge of your business and making your prices, you have to answer this questions, What Value do you bring to your customers, can your product and service satisfy your customers, and make your customer an integral part of your business.


Let your activities be different, provide great customer service that gives customers the reason always to come back, build an excellent business environment where the customer can trust for delivery.


Selling your farm product is what will generate income for you; many farms have collapsed because they cannot makes sales; they find it difficult to make sales.


If you want to make great sales on your farm, you have to understand your market, who buys your product, when do they buy it and what quantity do they always need, this will help you always to be effective in making your sales. In making sales always deliver what you promise, let your customers trust you, build trust with your customer.


Marketing your farm product is great. Marketing leads to the sale of your products, and it is an integral part of your business. Most farmers fail because they do not understand the importance of marketing to the progress of their farm.


Designing and implementing great marketing for your farm product will lead to great sales, more customer, and will lead to the expansion of your farm and generate more jobs.

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