Facts About Catfish Farming You Should Know

by Kolade Ibrahim - 16 Nov 2019 1495 Views


Catfish farming is not for the faint-hearted, it is like other businesses if you are afraid of losing your investment, don’t go into catfish farming, it is prone to losses especially if your life depends on it and you are not highly knowledgeable about the processes of fish farming, if you have no idea about catfish farming, it is advisable that you meet a consultant to put you through the business, or meet up with friends and families who are highly experienced in the venture, especially if you doing sole proprietorship, but I will advise you have a partner that will complement your weakness in the business.


Catfish farming is not a very easy business, many farmers have incurred losses which have led them to close down their farms, while some are on the verge of losing their farms, they pump in so much money into the business but never make any profit, however, you might have read in some articles or blogs that catfish farming is the lucrative business you can engage in but what those writers won’t tell you is that the more profitable the market is, the more dangerous and more capital draining.


You should understand that you cannot survive alone; you need the help of other farmers, be open to help and connect with other farmers to learn from them for you to grow. However, in your attempt to learn from farmers, be very careful, never learn from an unserious farmer.


For you to make money and survive as a fish farmer, you need to start hatching; when you hatch yourself, you have the opportunity to select the best for yourself feed them, and they will have a suitable weight. Most farmers make these mistakes because they want to reduce expenses they buy runts and they refuse to feed them very well, this kind of farmers are very unserious ones, they should not be taken seriously.


Cultivate the habit of cleaning and disinfecting your pond. Take your farming seriously, whatever pond you are using, cultivate the habit to always clean and sanitize it against bacteria and fungi. Most farmers have suffered losses because they refuse small things that matter a lot. When they refuse to disinfect and clean the pond, disease breaks out, and all the fishes start to die.


Never overstocked your pond, because you want to reduce expenses, you think you are smart, you overstocked, this will only lead to stunted growth, the fishes will never grow at the rate they should be growing, oxygen will be lacking in the pond. Just consider putting ten individuals inside a room with a tiny window; chances of their survival is very slim. More also, whatever amount of fishes you stocked in a pond, always sort, sorting is key to survival, growth, and profit-making.


How do you feed your catfish? What do you feed your catfish? If you are a catfish farmer and you are making losses, this is one question you should ask yourself. Some farmers do not merely care what their fishes eat, some leave them for two weeks in an earthen pond without feeding them, and they leave them to survive on their own. If you feed them very well, they will grow very well; if you refuse to supply them with quality feed they will die and have stunted growth. Care for your fishes; they are your investment.


Be careful of the feed you give your fish; some are adulterated, a mixture of fake ingredient that does not lead to the growth of your fishes; don’t be too stingy against your investment.


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