Best Way To Market Your Catfish In Nigeria

by Kolade Ibrahim - 17 Nov 2019 2387 Views

My fellow small farmers, we must know the best way to market our catfish in Nigeria, as it is the market that will drive the growth of our farm and earn profit. It should be noted that marketing should never be underplayed by any serious small scale farmer.


Marketing drives growth and profit, take your marketing very seriously. Most farmers wait till harvest time before they start marketing their product, which is extremely bad for their businesses. This is what you should about marketing when selling your catfish in Nigeria.


Never wait till harvest time before you market your catfish: This is one of the costly mistake farmers make by selling their product when they want to harvest, this is usually done at this time because the money they use in taking care of the fishes is almost finished, they are using their last stretch of money to feed their fishes, hence they start  trying to sell their product off because they can no longer supply the fishes their feed.


Always contact your buyers early: The best way to maximize profit and save cost is to start marketing your product very early, this will allow you to choose the best customer that will buy your product, and also set the amount you wish to sell your product, this will help you to maximize profit. Some buyers are so dubious that they usually want to reap where they did not sow, they always try to outsmart the farmers who have labored several months to raise his fish, most fish farmers have fallen victim and incurred loses. Outsmart the market before they outsmart you.


Never depend on a single buyer for your product: I have heard so many tales from small scale farmers lamenting their ordeal in the hands of their customers; their customers have always disappointed them in buying their fish or paying at the point of sale. Always attract new customers to your farm; the best and most trusted way you can attract new customers to your farm is through referral; refereeing new customers to your farm is not always easy; it takes a lot of work disappointed and a reputation of integrity. ; refereeing customers your customer base, which you can always rely on, trusting a single customer is terrible, and it will be a damaging idea, building a relationship that breeds trust and integrity is the best marketing campaign strategy for your farm products.


Produce something that your customer needs: You will always earn the trust of your customers when you satisfy their needs; these will get them hooked to your farm products, make them remember your farm, and recommend it to other farmers. Always have the right sales process that takes your customers into consideration; this will drive sales and bring profit, earn acceptability and credibility.

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