Are you not making sales in your Catfish and Poultry farm? What you should do

by Seun Bello - 17 Nov 2019 167 Views

As a farmer, there will be downtime in your business, when projected sales will not be feasible, when customers do not turn up good, when market prices are not favorable, when there isn't enough fund to take care of your fishes and complete the production of your product, so that you can satisfy your customer; you might not know when this will happen, you might not be able to predict this event, but it will definitely happen, there will be downturn in your sales.


The problem is that many farmers do not know how to go around this; they often sit down and expect customers to come and meet them on their farm; this is somewhat crude method of making sales, which leads to sales draught and eventual collapse of a farm. The competition in Nigeria marketplace is fierce, customers are no longer looking for farmers, and it is farmers that are now approaching customers for them to make sales.


If you are a Poultry or Catfish farmer and you want to make sales, there are some essential things you should know that will drives sales for your farm.


Sell what people want: Know your customers and give them what they want, you must understand your market for you to make sales. Sadly, most farmers do not understand their market; they prefer to make product they think their customer needs and not what the customer required. This is very dangerous. For sales to come, the customer's need must be understood very well.


Make use of the booming e-commerce in Nigeria: As a young farmer, I will advise to make connect your product online and reach more client and customer that might be interested in what you are doing. This will make your customers have ready access to your product where ever they are.


Another important way to drives sales of catfish and poultry farm products is to export it to neighboring states and countries that need this product; this export drives great deals and generates revenue for the farm.


Recruit sales agent that will take your product to relaxation centers that need your product, these relaxation centers are ready market, they have their suppliers, but as a new entrant seeking to make sales, you need to bargain with them on prices and reach a compromise that favors both parties.


To make sales, the catfish and Poultry farmers need to have their store where customers can have easy access instead of always going to farm; this store will provide direct sales service to the general public.

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