Moving to solve Big problem in Nigeria Agriculture

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 18 Nov 2019 358 Views

We are moving to solve a big problem that confronts agriculture in Nigeria which is funding; funding has impeded growth and development of agriculture in Nigeria. I have listened to several farmers who have complained with pain-filled voice about their inability to have access to funding; this has made them to be stranded; the government fund is not easily accessible, and when available it is riddled with bureaucratic bottleneck; the banks are not approachable, they are not ready to listen to farmers stories.


What we are doing at Bebo Nigeria is to make agriculture attractive to the youth; farming is a very lucrative investment, whether the economy is good or whether the economy is terrible, people will always eat, no matter how high the cost of food items, people must eat to survive. Encouraging more youth to go into agriculture there is need for intensive training and funding for agriculture.


At Bebo Nigeria, we have been working tirelessly to integrate all youth who are into small scale farming and also have the prospect to expand their farm; this integration will include all farming activities.


More also, this integration will help us to know the number of youth in agriculture, types of farming, and also design a system where experiences can be shared with other young farmers. This is a significant step to guide the youth in transforming the agricultural sector from subsistence farming, which accounts for 80% of all the farming activities in the country.


Another step Bebo Nigeria is seriously taking is to provide a platform where funding will be made easily accessible; farmers will expand their farm and promote opportunities in farming. It is interesting that most youths are not interested in agriculture because they do not see it as money-spinning, but once agriculture in Nigeria can be turned into big business, and the tag ‘farmer’ is not seen to be synonymous with poverty, more youth will be ready to come in and innovate.


Bebo Nigeria seeks to change the dynamics of agriculture and how people think about farming in Nigeria.

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