Redifining youth engagement in Agriculture

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 09 Dec 2019 279 Views

I just met a young man who is into Grasscutter which is a good business, but he complained to me that his farming activities has not expanded the way he wants it, he told me that this is because he has no capital to fund his operations, lack of capital has impeded the growth of his business. 


Another young man, send me a message indicating his interest in our farm initiative of integrating small holder farmers together, the man is into Palm farming, he also has the same story to tell me, he is owing his workers, he can't pay them, he needed loans but no one is ready to fund his farm, he is not even thinking about expanding his farm, he just want to pay his workers.


This is the sad tale of so many young farmers across the country, no quick fix to this, those who are interested in farming have abandoned it because they cannot maintain it.


In farming, maintenance is very vital, starting your farm without you knowing how to maintain and sustain it is a recipe for disaster, it is sad that early on, most farmers depends on their farm for paycheck which is not often great as a small holder farmer, this will leave such farmers to never expand or grow.


There is also need for serious coordination among farmers, which is driving the idea of integrating farmers to provide grants that are well coordinated for the youth to engage in Massive agricultural farming, with collaboration with Agricultural research center and agricultural engineering students, to bring new input and technology to farming.


I must confess, the way farming is being done in Nigeria has remained crude, technology should be deployed for farming, especially the youth have to undergo serious training in making use of technology in farming, this will enhance production, and efficiency. 


The crude method of farming have discouraged some youth, they do not realize that farming had gone beyond this, they see it as poor peoples venture, which is a false thinking, that needs serious reorientation.


With our population, and the population of Africa we can't feed ourselves with such outdated method of farming.


Morealso, you can never deviate technology from agriculture, technology erupted through agriculture which spreads to other sectors of human existence.


There is serious need to refine agriculture in Nigeria, which Bebo Nigeria is moving to solve, in more innovative way.


Technology is rife in agriculture.


Let's make the best use of it.

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