100 Million Nigeria Youth in Poverty

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 19 Dec 2019 505 Views

Over 100 million Nigeria youth are without Jobs!!!


Alarming, you would say.


I am also shocked, I know so many Nigeria youth are without jobs but I didn't contemplate this number.

100million Nigerians out of 200 million Nigerians are without Jobs, with the youth taking 60% of the population, that is, only 10% of the youth are employed.


The government just announced this, and there is nothing they could do and they will do.


Certainly, most Nigerian youths lack necessary skills to be employed. 


Agriculture, a panacea.


I have said this severally in my previous post that the youth should never see agriculture as a poor man's business!. 

This poor mindset needs to shift, agriculture has been scaled to a new level where whatever happens in your farm or what is going on with your plant, I mean their growth rate can be directly monitored in your room.


Whatever be your skillset, whether it is business development, business analyst, data analyst, or you are a programmer. It is all applicable to farming.


It is a sad tale that some Nigeria youth only see working in the oil industry as the only way for them to grow, pathetic.


The only way to reduce this unemployment issue is through a more systematic approach to agriculture; agriculture should be made attractive where there would be great innovations which will lead to more productive farming.


What we are doing at Bebo Nigeria is not complex at all; we are simply making complex issues in Agriculture simpler, knowing fully that agriculture is a big business when the right approach is used. Bringing different youth from different disciplines together, to implement more scalable actions that will be geared towards real productivity, where the aim is to reduce unemployment and create wealth for the people.


100 million Nigeria youth without Jobs is 100million Nigeria youth in poverty. No better way to say it. No sweet-talking; sweet talking unemployment is a shame; the youth must be ready to confront this evil that is plaguing us, every year one million Nigeria youth go for service without hope of being employed; this is depressing, the youth must be ready to take action NOW!


This can be done and this will be done.


Who is with me.


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Let's move Nigeria forward.


Start it!!!

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