Poultry Diseases you should know

by Kolade Ibrahim - 29 Dec 2019 376 Views

VacPoultry farming is a very lucrative business which many young farmers want to venture into due to its profitability, as the market is lucrative it also carries its own substantial risk and challenges which affect farmers whether experienced or inexperienced, diseases is one of the difficulties which poultry business faces, most young farmers have incurred severe loses due to the disease that ravages their farm because of inexperience to take control of their farm, to checkmate who enters their farm and how they enter their farm, this is because most of this young farmers lack adequate knowledge on the best farming practices and how to manage their farm, they venture into it anyhow without proper knowledge, thinking they can make quick cash not knowing that the fast money they are trying to make also comes with its own massive risk which they are not ready to take or even manage.

However, it should be noted a single infected poultry bird can kill other birds in the farm if not treated early and curtailed; it will be so disastrous that all the birds in the farm might die at once, you will wake up and discover that all the birds in the farm are dead. All farmers need to be abreast of the diseases that affect their farm and also the prevention.

Common Poultry Diseases and prevention


1. Newcastle Disease: This disease is known among several farmers; it is one of the most important diseases that confront farmers; it spreads rapidly and causes a large number of death to chickens, which leads to losses to farmers, the virus has no cure.

The best way to go about this disease is to have a good prevention measure in place:

Infected chicken should be appropriately disposed of immediately to avoid spreading

Have a good vaccination program

Have an excellent veterinarian to work with your farm

Wash before and after entering your farm

Don’t allow any visitor to enter your farm without disinfecting them

Disinfect all your farm implement

Clean Chicken house thoroughly and disinfect

Dead chicken should be thoroughly disposed


2. Botulism: This is another disease that poultry farmers should be aware, this disease is caused by a toxin which leads to paralysis of the whole body, affects breathing, the feathers begin to pull off, and these are signs of botulism; once this is noticed antitoxin should be procured from a vet immediately and administered to the birds. They should be given a clean water and not contaminated and all dead chickens should be disposed of properly.


3. Bronchitis: This is another viral disease which travels through air, it is easily noticeable when chickens start given off sounds like sneezing, snoring and coughing. Their nose begins to secrete profusely; the virus can be stopped by placing your chicken in a warm and dry place.


4. Avian Influenza: This is another illness that also affects humans, humans can be infected through their birds, so there is a need for a lot of care when dealing with these diseases. When your birds have been infected by avian influenza, they start having breathing issues, faces begin changing color, white spot on their skin, and their laying also stops.

Once all this is noticed, put them in a dry and warm place to recover and give them effective care to nurture them back to life.


5. Coccidiosis: These diseases live in the ground and can survive a long period in the ground; the virus is transmitted through food, rats, and infected poultry. Once you start having ruffled feathers, diarrhea with blood foam, they have Coccidiosis.

It can be treated by adding powdered sulfur to the foods of the birds.


All these are not the only diseases that affect your farm, but you should know as a young farmer, taking perfect control of your farm is necessary, the hygiene of your farm is essential, and also always disinfect your farm.

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