Innovative methods of Fish Pond Preparation

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 29 Mar 2020 425 Views



Fish pond preparation follows after construction work. This involves neutralization or liming (with lime, wood ash etc) and fertilization. Fertilization can be organic or inorganic. Application of lime and fertilizer is based on types and size of pond.




This is an aquacultural practice with significant effect on the pond. Liming can be done by broadcasting or by having it in a sack, tied to a corner of the pond inside of it, allowing it to ooze out.

-Liming as a form of pond preparation serves an anti parasitic action in the water

-it increases the pH of acidic water to more desirable level. (Means it regulates acidity or alkalinity of water)

-it precipitates excessive organic matter in suspension (clay colloids etc) in highly turbid waters and reduces the danger of oxygen deficiency.

-it predispose the water to effective fertilization.

-in earthen ponds, it helps release some minerals that are held tenaciously in the soil into the water.


Types of Lime


* Agric lime

* Slake lime

* Quick lime

* Wood ash etc


However, due to cost of conventional liming materials, fish farmers over the years evolved an indigenous knowledge system (IKS) in the use of wood ash for the neutralization of their ponds. The neutralizer has been found to be effective, easily and locally available and at a very minimal cost.




This simply means the addition of fertilizers to pond. As it was aforementioned, fertilizer can be organic or inorganic. Fertilization is done essentially to provide basic components, notably nitrogen and phosphorus primarily for the rapid development of of phytoplankton and zooplanktons. This practice usually follows liming..

Organic fertilizers

- poultry waste

- cow dung

- pig dung

- you can equally use plantain leaves etc


These are chemical fertilizers

NPK etc

You can as well apply in the same way as lime is applied.


Written by Bankole Ola Arulogun Fish farming consultant

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