Fish species stocking process REVEALED!

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 31 Mar 2020 361 Views



There are different choices of species to be stocked in prepared pond water. This is principally governed by the salinity level of the water for fish culture. But in fresh water fish culture  we have numerous species from the ancient to the present. Prototerus anectus is an example of the ancient. But that is by the way. A lot felt only culturable fish is the catfish. But this is not true. There are other freshwater fish that can be cultured. 


Species to be selected for stocking must satisfy the following criteria..... 


- Tolerate crowding 
- Have fast growth rate 
- Accept artificial feeds 
- Utilize available natural foods efficiently 
- Have high resistance to disease 
- Propensity to breed in captivity 
- Command good market value. 


Commercially important fish species that can be cultured in our environment includes 


- Oreochromis niloticus (Tilapia species) 

- Gymnacus niloticus (Transkafish. Eja osan) 

- Heterotis niloticus (Slapwater) 

- Clarias garienpinus (Mud fish or catfish) 

-  Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)

- Heteroclarias species (Hybrid catfish) this is fertilizing the gamates of Heterobranchus and Clarias together. 


There are lots of freshwater fish that can be intensively bred, but because of demands and the fact that it is easy to raise, a lot of people focused on the catfish species.  
In recent time, some farmers are starting to raise freshwater species called Momyrus rume in the family of Momyridae. 
All these and more are freshwater that can be raise intensively. But let us be mindful of the fact that rate of concentration and care for this fish varies. The way you care or handle catfish, if you do for Oreochromis, you are in big shit. 


Therefore, it is important to have good knowledge of the species of fish we want to raise.  


Also in culture system, we have monoculture and poly culture. 

Monoculture is a situation where u are raising a species of fish in a pond. 

Poly culture is where you have more than one species in a pond. 


Most farmers that practice poly culture raise Clarias and Tilapia together. The reason being that Tilapia can naturally reproduce especially in earthen ponds and very prolific. So farmers uses Clarias to control their birth rate by feeding on the eggs and possibly the young ones. 
These system is carefully carried our.   

Written by Bankole Ola Arulogun (Fish Farming Consultant)

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