Fish Feed Process

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 12 Apr 2020 523 Views

In culturing fish in captivity, the provision of a balanced diet and adequate feeding is very essential. If there is no utilizable feed intake by the fish, growth, and development will be hampered, and mortality may be the order of the day as the system will be too weak to rise against diseases. No matter the quality of the environment, hungry or malnourished fish cant be productive.



These are why feeds and feeding cannot be swept aside in fish farming. Fish requires a very high level of protein feeds for good growth and development, especially at the tender stage. As they grow, older protein requirements are low.



The desirable protein content of fish feed varies with the stage of growth of the fish and the species of fish in question.



Protein requirements for clarias, fingerlings/juveniles range between 40-45% crude protein, while it may later be between 36-40% crude protein for grown ones.



For Tilapia, 32% of crude protein gives a satisfactory result. Protein requirements reduce with age and size of fish. In feeding fish consistency in timing coupled with periodic review of intake based on the bodyweight gain over time are crucial factors that should be looked into often.



In brief, the provision of good quality feed in the adequate and right form (powdery and pelleted) are crucial to thriving fish culture in a controlled environment.



Fish feeds vary from powdery forms to 0.1, 0.5, 1mm, 2mm, etc. And the wideness of the mouth is one of the significant factors to be considered in feeding them with the feed sizes.



Daily feeding is calculated using the formula %body weight x weight of a fish (g) x total fish.


The answer you will get now will be divided into the number of times you feed your fish per day.


Mind you, the body percentage used will be reduced as the fish gain considerable weight, for instance, for 10g, it could be 7%, while for 600g, it could have been 3% then.



Written by Bankole Ola Arulogun Farm consultant (Estolag Farms: [email protected])

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