Fish Stocking and Sorting process

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Fish stocking is the process of introducing selected, culturable, compatible, and fast-growing fish seed into ponds for growing.



Stocking of fish should be carried out either in the morning or late in the evening or generally in moderately cool weather. Fish seeds can be transported in a plastic container that can conveniently accommodate the seeds or polythene bags. In a long journey, this medium can be used with pocket battery controlled aerator, or you refresh the water at intervals.



After the pond water preparations have been concluded and allow to equilibrate for a minimum of one week, the pond is then said to be ready to receive fish. These are usually done in the early hour of the day or late in the evening when the ambient temperature is expected to below. Stocking density is based on factors like; owners' financial ability, the size of the ponds, level of impoundment (water volume), etc.



For fresher, it is advisable to stock juveniles rather than fingerlings that are more vulnerable to predators and weaker immunity to disease pathogens. 



It is advisable not to feed immediately you stock your pond with the seeds. These are because there is a need for them to calm from the stress of transporting and also the need to acclimatize with their new environment.




Sorting can simply mean grading in different categories or sizes. Fish grow differentially from the stocking period as a result of the varied quality of each. Fish starts exhibiting their different genetic quality from egg stage (from different egg sizes) through hatching stage till maturity into table-size. The differential growth pattern becomes evident once fish is stocked and catered for. This phenomenon, which causes the emergence of oversized fish (shooters) among their equals, give rise to cannibalism among stock.  This situation can be well managed by sorting fortnightly for like two months then later monthly. Thus shoot shooters are removed from the rest to avoid the destruction fo the stock.




Sorting period is like a stocking period. That is sorting is carried out mostly in the morning when the environment is cool.  Most importantly, you do not feed the stock the Night before sorting because the feed will be yet to digest completely. And as a result of this, they start vomiting it. The number of tanks you are sorting into must have been prepared and filled with water. Then you can start sorting into sizes into the tanks.



When the tank is well filled, it creates space and enhances free movement. Still, when the water is not filled before sorting, because the fish were not fed a night before the sorting is carried out, it will give room for a smooth attack, and the possibility of losing more fish to cannibalism is high than when the water is filled. After sorting, because of the stress during this period, you don't feed immediately. Allow the fish to settle and acclimatized before feeding them.



Bankole Ola Arulogun Farm Consultant at Estolag Farms ([email protected])

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