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Chickens are incredibly curious creatures that will want to peck on anything around. It's hard to teach you all the foods that are healthy for chickens, but I felt that it's essential to know what to avoid.



1. Salty Foods

Can cause severe lung, heart and kidney complications which result in death.



2. Sugary foods/ drinks

Avoid chocolates, sweets, sugar, or soda. They can cause kidney problems and also a drop in egg production.



3. Mouldy Foods

Moulds can cause liver complications and other illnesses.



4. Citrus Fruit

These Drops egg production.



5. Apple Seeds

Other parts can be fed to chickens, except the seeds as they contain cyanide which can kill chickens.



6. Avocado

Contains persin which can cause heart complications in chickens.



7. Raw Potatoes, Potato Peels, leaves and sprouts

Contains solanine which kills the red blood cells, affects the nervous system and heart failure. Cooked potatoes are excellent.



8. Tomato leaves, Green Tomatoes and Pepper Leaves

These Contain solanine as raw Potatoes.



9. Eggplant

These Contain solanine.



10. Onions

Can change the taste of eggs and high amounts of onions can also cause anaemia in chickens.



11. Raw/ Uncooked Rice

When it absorbs water in the stomach, it further expands, causing digestive system complications.



12. Raw Meat

If the animal was infected with some illness, it could pass to the chicken. Avoid raw meat.



13. Hot foods

Can cause immediate death.



14. Raw Beans

Contains hemagglutinin which is poisonous to chickens. Cooked beans are okay.



15. Butter and fatty Foods

Contains many fats which are not healthy for chickens.



Written by The Oracle (Poultry synergy)



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