Integrity Make Me Stand OUT in Nigeria Fish Farming Business! Listen to his advice

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 03 Jun 2020 337 Views

That everyone is selling fingerlings and juveniles between defined range of prices is not enough for you to follow suit. Break the norm and stand out. Who told you that you could not sell fingerlings at your own set price? Who told you that you could not sell juveniles for any price you set?



The reality is that many are just following because that is the precedence, and even many don't know what to put down their cost in black and white. You put down records from transportation to the time that you are selling. Then you add what it is to be made for your labor and give to prospective customers as a price.



For example, let's assume you produced 4,000 fingerlings or jumbo, and you intend to pay yourself, you can pay yourself, then you add the production cost and pass it to your client.



Whom do we buy? Understand that you are not in business for everyone. Rolls royce's, Lamborghini and Bugatti are not in business for everyone. They give premium quality and service a few. I joke that in this business, I am not a small farmer, but a Bigg farmer. Interesting that you could be better if only you choose to give quality, premium services.



Give right fish size and quality, don't sell runts, and they will come back. Even fight you if you stop production. But remember not to sell on credit. That ruined my poultry years ago and unfortunate that I was in it with someone close, a big sister.



Also, for me, I collect 100% for whatever I do, and  I keep my promise. 100%? Yes, 100%. Experience has taught me not to believe men. I have done consultancy, pond construction to stocking, and in the end, the young men paid for only my fishes and services not paid. The excuse was that they had expended all their funds. I walked away but wrote about it on a forum years ago.



Also, don't be carried with status, some prominent people had also cheated me, but I have met a lot that is wonderful.



For the youths online that just want to talk without putting much thought, from online, I have met people that can paid me good amount of money for my services, and you wonder what if I have chosen to be negative in my approach to them. I will not say where experience had taken me to, but experience has opened several doors of opportunities for me.



When you have it, and honest, the offer will come, you will meet people, but remember exploitation is not the focus, but the relationship. Someone offered me an accommodation with significant expense of land, but I rejected it because my spirit does not agree with it. I was allowed to make all the decisions, and we are just signing a partnership.



My brother will say those days we are together that 'you are just suffering us, don't you know is only angels that don't spend money'?.



I know that too well now; however, I will not compromise on my inegrity, no matter the amount of money being  offered to me by any client. 



I will instead give interest than a partner because I want to help people( I gave support fishes for some to start); however, because it is free, they were not handled well.



As mentioned earlier, stand out. You can sell your fish seeds at your own price, I had sold at my own price before, and the clients still and came back. Give quality and more away from the majority.



I don't know how to market, but the number one fish farmer in Nigeria was buying from me (dynamo farm) over a decade ago.



There is a farm that advertised one full page on a news paper at twice a week. Integrity killed them. To know more I was engaged myself in serious learning cycle to see what I can add to my knowledge from my master.



I looked at all their facilities and began to seek how to stand out. Over 13-15 years ago, I later got an aerator and fish heaters from China, and that was it.





Written by  Alamu Solomon (Fish farming Consultant)


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