Protein Supplement in poultry farming

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 22 Jun 2020 407 Views

In poultry, nutrition is given the most attention, and this is not far from the fact that it is the bodybuilder. It is not just building the body; it is also repairing it.



Proteins are a polymer that is composed of various amino acids in which they are as many as a hundred. They are latter broken down after consumption by the birds into an amino acid that they were originally made off.



When assimilated, they metabolized to form back amino acid, which is vital in the formation of blood plasma, enzymes hormones, and even antibiotics. Each of these has a specific role they play in the body.



We need seriously to pay much attention to this particular aspect because although they play a vital role in the body, they are very expensive. Therefore on the aspect of nutrients and as well as cutting costs, we should not lose focus; otherwise, there is no point of even thinking of formulating feeds in the first place.






After the source of energy in the feeds formulation, the next source of a contributor is protein. It is always at the range of 40% to 45% (depending on the ingredients you choose) of total contributions.



Although they didn't take the larger part in quantity, but they are the most expensive part of the components. If you manage it very well, you are sure of a good profit.



When you are picking a source of protein, certain things need to be checked, the ability of the protein to supply the needed amount of essential amino acid. (EAA), also the digest able level of the protein and, lastly, the level of toxic substances.



Mainly source of protein is gotten either from plant origin or animal origin



The larger quantity comes from plant origin because it is relatively cheaper compared to animal origin. Apart from that animal origin do have some diseases that easily transfer to the birds if not well managed



On the plant, there are also limitations,


1. Some sources of protein contain Anti Nutrients Factors (ANF). Mostly these factors do neutralize by heating them.


2. Another factor is they have less EAA hence need supplements to give the needed nutrients.



Animal protein apart from it contain high amino acid and EAA; it also has a high level of an available phosphorous, a considerable amount of minerals which are vital to the well being of the birds, and lastly, have a reasonable amount of energy that is contributing.



In the first week of their life to fourth weeks what they need is between 20% to 24%



The first week need highest % and gradually decreasing from 24%to 20% at the age of 28 days.



As from there and above you you can maintain 19.5% of cp to the marketing stage.






Soya beans are always the first choice when you are making feeds regarding cp.



This is true not only it has high cp 40 to 50 %, but it is good in pairing it with mazes which is also the first choice as far energy is concerned.



When you are making organic feeds, soya beans are highly difficult to rule out. Note that place



You can use full-fat soya beans and Soya beans cake.



Since we are dealing with broilers, it is preferable to use full-fat soya; this is always at 48%.



Soya beans cake is used when you are producing feeds for layers.



The full fat will still serve as a source of energy because of the oil content.






This is a good alternative to soya beans; if not because of its costly nature, I would have preferred it to soya beans.



Its cp is as high as 65% compared to Sbm that is 48%.



Its energy is even better than Sbm, 2680 calories compare to Sbm that is 2450.



It has more lysine and methionine more than SBM



Written by Moshio

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