The Advantages and Disadvantages of doing Fish Hatchery

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 09 Jul 2020 378 Views

There is an excellent advantage in the fish farming business as a whole; however, it comes with numerous challenges too. So it is in piggery, poultry, and even crop production. It could look easy to want to start an agricultural business, but there is no easy work, not even comedy ( you have to put your brain to work to amuse depressed, frustrated, annoying people).




In a fish farming business, the easy way out is not to be a producer. You are either buying from producers or stand as a farm gate ( if you know what that means).




For fish farming production, the area of the hatchery is or seems to be very lucrative; however, it is very challenging. It could raise you overnight or smash you to knock out (common with people of limited or borrowed resources). These happens based on accumulated issues that might or might not be the fault of the entrepreneur or producers.




Some of us have lost good millions in their overtime as a result of sudden water changes, temperature challenges, pollution, negligence, water, and so on.




However, fish farming hatchery business can be considered as a gold mine and a path not everyone could thread especially if half-hearted, no financial muscle (in cases of failure), no technical know-how (reality remains that even experts do have a crisis and massive losses, familiar with those multi-billion farms too.




The advantage in the hatchery is that one male and a female use for production can give you millions; however, it is not always so. The disadvantage is that you could use 20 males and 100 females, all worth over half a million naira (depending on breed and size) and get nothing. That is when and where many get or got knocked out.




The joy is that if you do what you are supposed to do and get good broodstock, there is hope. But, have you wondered why the big farms import broodstock from abroad? They do not want to gamble time and resources; however, importation does not come cheap.




So beyond raising broodstock, grow out, mélange, the hatchery is the King, but it could also bury many.



Written by Excelsiorfarm

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