Never Start Poultry Business Before Learning This First

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 26 Jul 2020 283 Views

Never start poultry farming before you do the following to increase your chances of getting rich in it.



These are secrets no one else will tell you, and it has worked for other successful farmers and me.



1. Start small and build your business from scratch, but never stay little for long, have the bigger picture in mind.



2. Get trained first.


When you are training, you make informed, correct decisions.


Training is available online and offline. This channel is one of the best training platforms.



3. Register with local and national poultry associations.


Being a member of an association will make you get exposed to market linkages and networks.


4. Do it yourself, when starting, be fully involved in decision making and daily operations. Delegate but be involved.



5. Clean your house with soap and water, disinfect the house, start with ceiling, walls, and finally the floor.


Repair broken parts of the house and ensure the house is safe from external preditors.



6. Never allow visitors into your poultry house.


They may bring diseases from their farm and also may make noise that can cause stress to your birds.



7. Believe in your venture, even when everyone is not.


Be purpose-driven, and focus on the project 100%.



8. Have ready market, but never get discouraged when you make losses in the first month.


Poultry has a ready-made market, take your products to the market, and sell.


Create a customer base and build it, keep their contacts, and call them regularly.



9. Work with other farmers, network with them, and you will grow.


Other farmers can be a source of market for you and learn from each other.



10. Diversify when a million hits your account. Avoid venturing into many sectors at once.


Pivoting in business is vital, but before you rotate, research and make sure the first business is already profitable.



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