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This is a  feasibility study carried out for a catfish farm capacity of 10,000 JUVENILE of first-grade seeds. The expenses from pond construction to marketing are considered. The farm is to have ten concrete ponds of the flow-through system, and each pond is to contains 1,000 stocked catfish.



Cost of Constructing Each Pond is as Follows:

Each pond is 12ft x 12ft by 4ft; each pond consumes 210 blocks and each bag of cement for 30 blocks.



Hence 210 x 10 = 2,100 blocks. 2,100/30 = 70 bags of cement needed. 2500 x 70 = 140,000 naira.



plastering and flooring of pond 15 bags 2500 × 15 = 37,500



4trips of sand used = 7,000 × 4 = N28,000



2trips of gravel = 32,000 x 2 = N64,000



Cost of labour = N15,000



Cost of plumbing and workmanship (inlet and outlet facility) = N100,000.



The cost of 2 boreholes = N400,000. (Varies from state to state)



Cost of treatment = N50,000.



The cost of Juvenile first grade seeds 30×10,000 = N300,000.  (Same size)



Cost of feeding on day one to maturity stage is 500 bags of foreign and local feeds = N4,300,000.



The average weight of the fish is 1.2kg. And it was sold at 700 naira each.



The output (Total sells) was 600×9700 fishes, due to 300 mortality. 700 x 9700 = N6,790,000.



Input (Capital used in setting up the business) is #5.469,000 million.



The profit is #1.321,500 after five months of culture.






Remember that this is a template that points what to expect and not precisely the amount to use, especially as cost varies from state to state. Many know how to bypass the feeding process to increase more input (Profit margin), meaning feeding this feeding process isn't fixed. Cost of block molding, cement, sand, gravel, workmanship for both plumbing and block sets, borehole, and fish feed, varies in amount from state to state. Profit margin isn't fixed, because mortality varies from one fish rearer to another. Many times, high mortality, if not appropriately contented, can be the biggest drawback to the profit margin.




It's very crucial that you have an overview of all costs in your area before investing big into using 10000 fishes.


I firmly state that this issue I have resolved shouldn't be asked via inbox, as I won't be opened to answer any questions regarding this topic.


Now you can find out what works best in your area.


Imade .O. Stanley

Consultant, Fish Maintenance.

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