When to apply medications to fishes

by Opeyemi Owolabi - 01 Sep 2020 472 Views

Someone asked a  question in one of the fish platform training sessions.



He said, "Sir, the rate at which fishes die in people's pond, why isn't the same noticed at the river bank wanting medications as well?"



Sounds funny, but that was an intelligent question to understand the reason why they don't take drugs.






The real medication for fishes is 90% hygienic water and the right proportion of their feed.



Believe it or not, some persons rear their fishes to sellable size without the application of any medication, just only what is called DEWORMING.



Deworming is the application of salt in the water to reduce the rate of worm in the stomach of the fishes.



Why many apply medications when skin reaction tends to surface as a result of bacterial or Virus infection.






At the juvenile stage, use good feeds to build up internal structures against resistance to diseases and increased vitamin. E.g., Coppen or Skletting



Good and hygienic water is more vital than any medication that you think can stop any disease. This point is very crucial for the effective management of fish.



Local feeds should be introduced when they have passed the Jumbo's size.



Sort when the time is right to prevent cannibalism as among themselves.




When all the following had been carried out and still no changes, then the application of medication works better because all other factors where followed from the onset.



At this stage, endure the process, and write down the lapses for a better version of you to emerge at every step.



Imade .O. Stanley

Consultant, Fish Maintenance.

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