by Opeyemi Owolabi - 14 Dec 2020 238 Views

It is not newsy that some traditionalists are purchasing rabbits mainly for good luck charm and for treating stroke patients. Rabbit is a special creature which God even empowered amongst animals to carry double pregnancy with different delivery dates.



Research has shown over the years that rabbits can also produce wastes that can serve as a catalyst in boosting egg production in Poultry Layers, Noiler, Turkey, etc. It is not an experiment but a proven fact of several years for those people who know it in the world. The power of this egg booster has accidentally turned Bella Rabbits World into an egg producer and egg merchant from our control room with almost 1000 layers.



Bella Rabbits World buys old layers just to prove the fact that there is more to rabbit farming but not to prove that Poultry Farming is lucrative like the rabbit farming business. I can confidently say any day at any time in any place that rabbitry is more profitable than poultry farming if all the value chains are well utilized and properly managed with the right knowledge.



Several poultry farmers that made use of the free sample of the egg boosters made requests, and some of them even paid in advance to commercialize it. After several considerations, Bella Rabbits World has finally produced this feeds out for boosting egg production especially for old layers that farmers have lost hope to sell during Xmas.


The Feeds is very powerful in boosting egg production and not meant for layers below the age of 20weeks (5months).


This warning is worthy of note. Don't use it for layers that are not above 5months. You can get the Feeds in Fortunate Farm at Ilesa and other Distributors' locations that booked for it.


Nutritional Values


Energy 2650 kcal/kg Min.


Protein 18% Min.


Lysine 0.87% Min.


Methionine 0.45% Min.


Fat 3% Max.


Fibre 4% Max


Calcium 4.5% Min.


Phosphorus 0.61% Min.


Unquantified Natural Power of a rabbit.


Feeds Form




Factory Price 


N4,000 for now excluding transport cost.


As the price of Soya and Corn goes down, we will adjust the price.


Maximum Duration to expect Result


After 14days (2 weeks).


CEO Bella Rabbits World 


Samson Olawale Ogunwole



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