by Opeyemi Owolabi - 14 Dec 2020 182 Views

There is no gainsaying that several Rabbit Farmers will soon become millionaires after overcoming the RHD Virus. The road to success is always rough in life. What we are currently facing supports an adage that says that there is no royal way to success.



A lot of people have been asking me as the CEO of Bella Rabbits World to say something about the future outlook of the Nigerian Rabbit Industry in the face of the RHD saga. I must be sincere that a lot of us didn't prepare for this outbreak, or let me say that some affected farmers didn't believe that they can be affected.



Personally, my biosecurity level in Bella Rabbits World was zero or even negative because my farm was like a Tourist Centre where everyone enters and touches every rabbit he/she wants. I was totally oblivious to RHD Virus. Bella Farm was like a market place for every user of Bella Feeds to supply Weaners.



The only area of concentration was an infection and different diseases prevention which I use the herbal concoction to prevent. RHD Virus is not a respecter of any farm but when it attacks, some rabbits get attacked while some rabbits fight back depending on their immune system. In every situation in life, there is an opportunity. I don't need to raise our hope that rabbits will become more valuable with a better market price after this outbreak as a result of possibly more demand than supply. It is just a reality.



The population of rabbits in Nigeria especially the South Western States has reduced drastically and there will be a need to restock soon. This is currently happening in Piggery. Pig farmers lost a lot of pigs which currently led to a higher market price of pigs. Farmers with surviving rabbits should see themselves as Millionaires.



They should guard their investment jealously by ensuring a high level of biosecurity and boosting the immune system of their rabbits in any way they can do so. I have seen a situation where a lady with negative HIV status was dating a boyfriend with Positive HIV status for years without contacting it despite sexual intercourse between them. The lady was playing a delicate game under the guise of love simply because she had a very strong immune system. She was in that relationship for years without contacting it. I told this lady that she played a delicate game. Affected farmers should not be discouraged, it is just an opportunity to add to the rabbit experience. Anytime they are invited for a seminar, they would be able to talk authoritatively on RHD Virus. A farmer that has not experienced it before would only be talking about theory.



Investors in  Nigerian Stock Markets usually buy shares when the price is low or hold to their investments in order to sell when the stock market price is high.  Rabbit farmers should not be discouraged but see the current situation as an opportunity for another phase of the Nigerian Rabbits Industry.



I couldn't agree less with Mr. Olayinka Mogaji in one of his recent write-ups that the Nigerian Rabbits Industry can never be the same after the RHD Virus outbreak. I agreed with him from that positive point of view. I don't need to be told that I am blessed with wisdom because, in every difficult situation, I see opportunities. I don't wait for people to think before I use my sleepless night to see success from every challenge that people see as a problem.



Others may see something as a problem but I see it as challenges.  I say it authoritatively with the grace of God that Rabbit Farmers will soon smile. As per off-taking, we are seriously under pressure to offtake but as a responsible organization,  we will study the industry better before we begin to offtake in order to get it right.




Samson Ogunwole



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