by Opeyemi Owolabi - 14 Dec 2020 361 Views

Hello Rabbit Farmers, I want to use this opportunity to remind us that this is the right time to cross our rabbits. The business outlook of the Nigerian Rabbit Industry is very clear now and highly promising.



The issue of RHD has been fought and won to a great level of comfort. One of the 2 challenges ahead of us is the higher degree of heat that we will soon experience as a result of the Dry Season. If rabbits are not crossed now, their fertility may go down during the heat period. Some bucks will be sterile for months and several breeding Does may not release eggs after mating.



As we all know that breeding does release eggs 8-10 hours after mating unlike human being's anatomy; during an uncomfortable dry weather condition, the pregnancy level will be very low. So, farmers are advised to cross their rabbits with bucks now.



As per market and availability, as from January 2021, we will be surprised that only a few people will enjoy the boom of the rabbit market. The demand for rabbit weaners, Growers, and Matured rabbits will be unprecedented. A lot of farmers have lost their rabbits and they want to restock because of the great opportunities in the rabbit farming business. Only a few farmers with great stocks and a reasonable number will enjoy the boom.



As per the pricing of rabbit weaners and Matured Rabbits, the price of Breeding Stocks will increase geometrically and a lot of farmers may not be happy about not having a market to sell. Few rabbit farmers will become Millionaires from this market advantage. Generally, farmers with abundant stocks of any agricultural product will smile in Nigeria. The demand from Bella Rabbits World alone will be very difficult to meet by available farmers in Nigeria.



Regardless of demand and supply, Bella Rabbits World in conjunction with some players in the industry will wage serious war against Importers of Rabbits from Neighbouring countries including their buyers. If this is the only thing that we will fight, this will be appropriately done and achieved. Our country should be free of RHD Virus.



My advice is that farmers are encouraged to boost the immune system of their rabbits by using Bella Organic Immune Booster or any other Booster of their choice. If they know how to prepare a very powerful organic immune booster, they should do so and use it. We should treat the rabbit farming business as a Gold business.



Every rabbit farm should be cleaned every day and disinfection like sawke or any other proven powerful disinfectant should be used at least twice a week. RHD Virus is not as powerful and dreadful as we perceived it. We can prevent it. I have said in several for a that rabbitry is about prevention and not curative measures.



If you take rabbitry seriously with the right knowledge, I can categorically say that you will be among the Millionaires before the end of next year. To achieve this, please, follow my advice. If you have any challenges on your farm, kindly send a chat to me.


I will address it for you to the best of my knowledge because there is no island of knowledge.


However, experience is the best teacher.




Samson Ogunwole



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