by Opeyemi Owolabi - 15 Feb 2021 110 Views

Show me a knowledgeable rabbit farmer and I will show you a Multimillionaire. Rabbit farming in Nigeria is a very sure way to financial freedom and not a Ponzi scheme.



If you invest wisely under the mentorship of a successful rabbit farmer, people may see you as a ritual because it is yet to be very popular like the overrated poultry business in Nigeria. One of the distinctive features between a successful rabbit farmer and a poor rabbit farmer is knowledge.



The rabbit farming business is very profitable but not all rabbit farmers make a profit from it. A lot of Nigerians love to rush into any business with perceived profiteering tendencies without seeking knowledge. In this industry, we have several frustrated people that claim to be gurus in rabbit farming in order to extort newbies but in a real sense, they are like primary school pupils.  Everyone claims to be an expert.


At times, I read some write-ups on social media and smile within me because of false and misleading information. Your source of mentorship is one of the key success factors in the rabbitry. If it requires you to pay for knowledge, don't hesitate but be sure that your mentor is successful in rabbit farming. A man cannot give what he doesn't have. Nigeria is blessed with many experienced and knowledgeable rabbit farmers but you need to locate them.


In the last 5 years, I can mention over 100 popular rabbit farmers that their memories have faded away. They cajoled a lot of people into rabbit farming for selfish reasons but they left the industry as a frustrated being. The truth is that there is much money in the rabbit farming business and you can easily turn to a millionaire with Almighty God by your side, but you need the right knowledge and guidance to succeed. Otherwise, you will get frustrated.



Stop listening to rabbit farmers that will tell you only the positive side of the rabbit farming business without telling you the negative sides of it. Seek the right knowledge, and be a Multimillionaire through the rabbit farming business!!!



I could vividly remember how I was trained as far back as 1993 by Iya Lakingbasa in Offa, Local Government, Kwara State. The old woman didn't have a formal education but was knowledgeable, experienced, well known, and successful in rabbit farming.



In a nutshell, pay attention to knowledge!!!


Samson Ogunwole

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